26 February 2011

THIS FRIDAY!! Stand up against the exploitation of Aboriginal workers

The momentum for this Friday's rally to 'Stop the Racist NT Intervention' is certainly building. Don't stop now!

MAIC activists have been out at various community events collecting signatures on the petition, leafletting for the protest, and talking to people about the campaign against the exploitation of Aboriginal workers.
In the process we have been making some important links with unionists, environmental activists, media workers, performers etc. The campaign is going forward in great leaps. We welcome our supporters to get more involved to take advantage of this rising tide in support of Aboriginal rights!

MAIC has weekly meetings held at New International Bookshop in Trades Hall every Monday at 6.30pm. As well as organising protests like the one this Friday, we have also in the past toured speakers from the NT, held film screenings, done band nights, special forums, organised pickets, banner painting, you name it! The more people we have involved, the more we can do.

There is much to be done before the rally on Friday. We need all our supporters to make that final push in getting the word out there. Please share the event on Facebook every day. Send emails around to folks in your networks. 
Write letters to the newspapers and call up the ABC/SBS and ask them to cover the campaign against the NT Intervention. Make a call to your union, church or community group, asking them if they are going to be marching behind a banner at the protest. Print off a poster and put it up in your staff room or front window of your house.

All of these things are a big help. Also, just coming along to the protest on the day with some family, friends or work colleagues.

See you on Friday at 5pm at the State Library!

Protest: Stop the Racist NT Intervention!
Equal Pay and Jobs with Justice!
5pm, Friday 4 March 2011
State Library of Victoria, Melbourne