Save Melbourne's Last Aboriginal School!

Will it only be a matter of weeks before the Liberal Party sends in the first bulldozer to a Victorian school?

The Department of Education has approved the construction of a new school directly on the land of Ballerrt Mooroop College in Glenroy. To make way for this new school the Aboriginal community is losing their gymnasium and their ceremonial grounds. Why must this new school be built on Aboriginal land--the only Aboriginal school in Melbourne?

Aboriginal people deserve the right to educate their children in their own culture, with full access to the best resources. There was no proper consultation with the school community when this decision was made. Melbourne Anti-Intervention Collective has been campaigning in support of Aboriginal self-determination and against the attacks on bi-lingual education as part of our fight against the Northern Territory Intervention.

The undermining of Aboriginal education can be seen as part of the renewed framework of racist assimilation policies which the NT Intervention has spearheaded. The ideology that was behind John Howard's racist Intervention, that has been continued with vigour by Labor, has now found its way to Melbourne. An attack on an Aboriginal school is an act of cultural genocide, and we ask people to join this protest to take a stand for Aboriginal rights.

The picket has been ongoing for 2 years please come along and show your support to this small yet vibrant community which has held strong against succesive state government attacks.

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