22 September 2010

National Protest on 29th of October. It's all coming together!

Currently, we are busy organising with activists around Austrlia, for a National Day of Protest against the government's racist NT Intervention. We have a poster designed and its about to go off to the printers. Keep an eye out on street poles for it soon. If you're not seeing any, that means we need more help putting them up!

We are also making plans to have a banner painting day, we're gonna be printing t-shirts, we are putting a bulletin together with lots of facts and figures. And we have plans for leafletting and stalls and all sorts of stuff.

But! We could do so much more if you were involved. Seriously. So why not come along to our next meeting on Monday night, 6.30pm at Trades Hall? Or drop us a line at melbourneaic@gmail.com to ask us what you can do in your community to support the event.

We are trying to get as many Aboriginal organisations, community groups, unions and workplaces to support this action as possible. There is a 'jobs with justice' statement that you can get signed. We need money to get an ad in the paper, and we want your logo on our stuff. Imagine if you were working under the conditions that people like Peter Inverway were working in? $4/hr plus a ration card to work on a construction site. That's exploitation. It's racist. It's barbaric.

It's people on the ground that make these actions a success. So grab some posters and leaflets from outside the New International Bookshop to put in your workspace, so as many people know about it as possible. It's a great way to get a conversation happening and spread the word to people who might not ever think about Aboriginal politics.

Let's make this protest a big one and show the government that the Aboriginal rights struggle is not going anywhere.

Stop the racist NT Intervention - "Jobs With Justice now!"

Friday, 29 October 2010
5.30pm, State Library of Victoria (cnr Swanston and Lt La Trobe Streets)