17 August 2010

After the Election: What does it all mean for stopping the NT Intervention?

Monday, 23 August 2010, 6.30pm
New International Bookshop in Trades Hall
cnr Victoria and Lygon Streets

A few weeks ago Melbourne Anti-Intervention Collective held a forum asking the question: “Who will stop the NT Intervention?” 

At the event we invited representatives from various political groups and the unions to offer their analysis of how to get rid of these racist policies. 

Following the close of polls on Saturday, we will see either a Labor Government committed to the NT Intervention, or a Liberal Government committed to th...e NT Intervention. It is clear that we can not leave it to parliament to overturn these barbaric laws.

During this special post-election meeting, Melbourne Anti-Intervention Collective will be presenting an overview of the NT Intervention and a rundown of what the new political situation means for the campaign. Importantly, we will be discussing the sort of action we can take to fight this latest attack on Aboriginal rights.

All welcome for a night of discussion and action!